Southwold Fire Department
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Southwold Fire Departmemt
Tanker 1979
Photo Credits | Courtesy of Elgin County Archives

The Southwold Township Fire Department operates 2 Stations with a complement of 43 Volunteer Paid-on-call Firefighters. They are led by a Part-time Fire Chief, 2 Volunteer District Chiefs, 1 Volunteer District Deputy Chief, 4 Volunteer Captains and 1 Volunteer Training Officer.

The Province of Ontario has 468 fire departments utilizing 30,080 firefighters. Of these, 269 fire departments are staffed by 19,150 volunteer firefighters.


  • Fire Chief, Gary Wilson
  • Training Officer, Jeff McArthur
Station No.1
  • District Chief, Stuart Kruppe
  • Captain, Justin Pennings
  • Captain, Trevor Kirk
  • Acting Captain, Brian Pennings
Station No.2
  • District Chief, Barry Smith
  • District Deputy Chief, Trevor Martin
  • Captain,Ken Vanevery
  • Captain, Russ Morningstar

1948 REO & Invoice
1948 REO
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to enlarge and see original invoice)

The Southwold Township Fire Department proudly protects over 4000 residents within 301 square kilometers of Elgin County. Within our Township are a wide variety of homes, industries, farms and business’s both large and small that rely on our fire department for emergency services including Northstar Windows and the Toronto Greenlane Landfill site.

Southwold Public School, with 700 students and the Elgin Manor Seniors Home are also protected by our Fire Department. We are an active member of the Elgin County Mutual Aid Association.

All of our apparatus are adorned with a decal that proudly announces to everyone that our Stations are “Professionally Staffed by Volunteers.” We do not take this slogan lightly. Through regular training we strive to provide a professional service to our customers while maintaining a high level of safety for our members.


The Southwold Firefighters Association is an active part of our community. The object of the Association is to support fire prevention and protection services provided by the Southwold Township Fire Department, to support, local, provincial, and federal agencies as required and to provide its members a social, athletic and recreational fellowship.

Firefighters participate in numerous events throughout our area including the Rosy Rhubarb Festival, Shedden Tractor Pull, Shedden Fair, Fingal Santa Claus Parade, Shedden Soccer Tournament and the St Thomas Fire Muster. The Association organizes an annual Beef and Pork BBQ on the first Sunday after Labour Day. This is the major fund raising event for the Association and is held at the Keystone Complex in Shedden.

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Executive Committee Member

  • President -Trevor Kirk
  • Vice President - Tim Buchanan
  • Secretary Treasurer - Bart Ketelaars